In the Indian state of UTTARAKHAND towards the easternmost part of the HIMALAYAS located a small beautiful city called Pithoragarh. Pithoragarh is also known as a  Little Kashmir.

There are large numbers of waterfall, temples, forts & other historical sites. Pithoragarh district containing extreme border area with its headquarters. The district is administratively divided into six tehsil –

  • Munsiyari
  • Dharchula
  • Didihal
  • Berinag
  • Gangolihat
  • Pithoragarh

Munsiyari-: Munsiyari is the name of sub division head quarters. Munsiyari is a hill station surrounded by snow -clad peaks, lush greenery & thickly wooded forest India’s northern state of UTTARAKHAND. Some sightseeing places in Munsiyari are

  • Tribal Heritage Museum
  • Tharmi Kund
  • Nanda Devi Temple
  • Betuli Dhar
  • Messar Kund
  • Kalamuni Khaliya Top

Dharchula -: Dharchula is a small town & a Nagar Panchayat in Pithoragarh district, it is surrounded by HIMALAYAS PEAKS. Main attraction of Dharchula  which visitors & tourists come to visit are:

  • Jauljibi
  • Om Parvat
  • Kali River
  • Askot Musk Deer Sanctuary
  • Narayan Ashram
  • Chirkila Dam
  • Adi Kailash

Didihat-: Didihal is a town & a Nagar Palika in Pithoragarh district in UTTARAKHAND. It is situated on the Pilgrimage route to Kailash Mansarovar. Visitors can do some activities like- hiking, camping, village tourism. Didihal is a small helmet with limited facilities .Didihal there exists an ancient temple of Shirakot dedicated to Lord Malay & it presents a beautiful sight.

Berinag – Berinag is a hill station & there are not many sightseeing where tourist can visit, Berinag is known for Snake Temple that are scattered all over the region. There is Nag Devta Temple & Chineshwar Waterfall where tourists can visit.

Gangolihat -: Gangolihat is a small HIMALAYAS hill town in the Pithoragarh district of UTTARAKHAND . It is popular for its  Shakti Peeth of ‘Haat Kalika ‘ dedicated Goddess Kali There are many beautiful underground caves in Gangolihat, Patal Bhuvaneshwar, Shaileshwar Gufa & Mukteshwar Gufa are most notable ones.


Pithoragarh Fort (Gorkha Killa)- Pithoragarh Fort is a small fort constructed by the Gorkhas in the year of 1789 , yet it provide a wonderful view of the Pithoragarh town from high above the hill top.

Kapileshwar Mahadev Temple -: Kapileshwar Mahadev Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva is situated about 10 meter inside a dark cave located near Takaura & Takari Village of Pithoragarh.

Dhwaj Temple -: Dhwaj Temple is a very beautiful place in Pithoragarh for religious people surrounded by a view Majestic Himalayas. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva & Maa Jayanti located at the peak of a mountain.