HANOL village is located in TYUNI TEHSIL of DEHRADUN district in UTTARAKHAND.CHATRA is a GRAM PANCHAYAT of HANOL VILLAGE. In HANOL there is a famous & holy temple known as MAHASU DEVTA TEMPLE which is located on the TYUNI-MORI road at HANOL. It is very old temple of MAHABHARATA TIME .It believed that it had been built by PANDAVAS during AGYATVAS. The temple is dedicated to MAHASU DEVTA which is one of the ancient temple. Here people from far distance come here to worship. MAHASU DEVTA TEMPLE is dedicated to LORD MAHASU who is basically the avatar or part of LORD SHIV. Temple have three rooms -: First one is GARBHGIRIH where no one allowed only the priest can enter the temple Saturn sanctorum has IDOLS OF MAHASUS brothers who are known for their SENSE OF JUSTICE, Second one is the place where all visitors stay & sit for worship ,And Third one is the main part where THE IDOLS of GOD. MAHASU DEVTA are four brothers BOTHA MAHASU, PAVASIK MAHASU, VASIK MAHASU & CHALDA MAHASU. They all have their separate temples too. There are two ball known as BHEEM MAHARAJ BALL which have their own importance who can pick the ball was very fortune & rest of who can’t pick that balls was need to do good karmas. That is the most interesting things for visitors is to pick up BHEEM MAHARAJ  BALL

After that CHAKRATA is nearest town to HANSOL which is approximately 13km away. CHAKRATA is a Military base, hence they do not allow photography. There are few places near in & around CHAKRATA where tourists used to visit & sightseeing TIGERFALL, KALSI, LAKHAMANDAL & DEOBAN.

TIGERFALL-: TIGERFALL is a best waterfall & if you looking for the peace and happiness then this place is the best for visit, height of waterfall is too much. Place is surrounded with lush green mountains, forest. There are changing rooms also available near waterfall & even a canteen for refreshment.

KALSI-: KALSI is a small town located in between CHAKRATA & DEHRADUN. KALSI is a beautiful TOURIST DESTINATION. It is situated at the meeting point of the river YAMUNA & TONS. This place is famous for various ancient monument & picnic spots. ASHOKAN ROCK EDICT, An important monument in the history of India. Epigraphy is one of the popular tourist attraction of KALSI. VIKASNAGAR is an ideal place to go for shopping in KALSI.

LAKHAMANDAL-: LAKHAMANDAL is a famous temple located in CHAKRATA. LAKHAMANDAL get its name of two words LAKH means MANY & MANDAL means TEMPLES. This temple is dedicated to LORD SHIVA .This LAKHAMANDAL TEMPLE is surrounded by relics of caves & LORD SHIVA TEMPLES. At the time of digging here thousands of different types of size of ancient Shivling was founded.

DEOBAN-: DEOBAN is surrounded by the dense forest .This was the part of the cantonment built by British & it is still used as a training ground for commandoes of Indian army ,most of the area is out of bounds and entry for foreign nationals is strictly prohibited. That area is neat and clean & beautiful, if you can see why this place is called DEV BHOOMI .Also trekking in DEOBAN is not difficult at all