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27 Nov 2020
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HANOL village is located in TYUNI TEHSIL of DEHRADUN district in UTTARAKHAND.CHATRA is a GRAM PANCHAYAT of HANOL VILLAGE. In HANOL there is a famous & holy temple known as MAHASU DEVTA TEMPLE which is located on the TYUNI-MORI road at HANOL. It is very old temple of MAHABHARATA TIME .It believed that it had been built by PANDAVAS during AGYATVAS. The temple is dedicated to MAHASU DEVTA which is one of the ancient temple. Here people from far distance come here to worship. MAHASU DEVTA TEMPLE is dedicated to LORD MAHASU who is basically the avatar or part of LORD SHIV. Temple have three rooms -: First one is GARBHGIRIH where no one allowed only the priest can enter the temple Saturn sanctorum has IDOLS OF MAHASUS brothers who are known for their SENSE OF JUSTICE, Second one is the place where all visitors stay & sit for worship ,And Third one is the main part where THE IDOLS of GOD. MAHASU DEVTA are four brothers BOTHA MAHASU, PAVASIK MAHASU, VASIK MAHASU & CHALDA MAHASU. They all have their separate temples too. There are two ball known as BHEEM MAHARAJ BALL which have their own importance who can pick the ball was very fortune & rest of who can’t pick that balls was need to do good karmas. That is the most interesting things for visitors is to pick up BHEEM MAHARAJ  BALL

After that CHAKRATA is nearest town to HANSOL which is approximately 13km away. CHAKRATA is a Military base, hence they do not allow photography. There are few places near in & around CHAKRATA where tourists used to visit & sightseeing TIGERFALL, KALSI, LAKHAMANDAL & DEOBAN.

TIGERFALL-: TIGERFALL is a best waterfall & if you looking for the peace and happiness then this place is the best for visit, height of waterfall is too much. Place is surrounded with lush green mountains, forest. There are changing rooms also available near waterfall & even a canteen for refreshment.

KALSI-: KALSI is a small town located in between CHAKRATA & DEHRADUN. KALSI is a beautiful TOURIST DESTINATION. It is situated at the meeting point of the river YAMUNA & TONS. This place is famous for various ancient monument & picnic spots. ASHOKAN ROCK EDICT, An important monument in the history of India. Epigraphy is one of the popular tourist attraction of KALSI. VIKASNAGAR is an ideal place to go for shopping in KALSI.

LAKHAMANDAL-: LAKHAMANDAL is a famous temple located in CHAKRATA. LAKHAMANDAL get its name of two words LAKH means MANY & MANDAL means TEMPLES. This temple is dedicated to LORD SHIVA .This LAKHAMANDAL TEMPLE is surrounded by relics of caves & LORD SHIVA TEMPLES. At the time of digging here thousands of different types of size of ancient Shivling was founded.

DEOBAN-: DEOBAN is surrounded by the dense forest .This was the part of the cantonment built by British & it is still used as a training ground for commandoes of Indian army ,most of the area is out of bounds and entry for foreign nationals is strictly prohibited. That area is neat and clean & beautiful, if you can see why this place is called DEV BHOOMI .Also trekking in DEOBAN is not difficult at all

18 Nov 2020
Nanda Devi Trek

Nanda Devi Trek

BEDNI BUGYAL is a hill station situated at CHAMOLI district of UTTARAKHAND state. BEDNI BUGYAL is covered with lush greenery land.

BEDNI BUGYAL also has a small lake called VAITARANI (BEDNI KUND), it is an artificial lake built with a concrete. There are two shrine here one a small temple of NANDA DEVI & other shrine for LATU. BEDNI KUND is a popular pilgrim site for the Hindus.

It serves as a scared pilgrim place where MA NANDA & SHIVA are worshipped by the devotees. The pilgrim carry the palanquin of MA NANDA from BEDNI KUND to ROOPKUND during the famous NANDA DEVI RAJ JAAT which happens once in twelve years.

As same goes with LATU DEVTA MANDIR which is situated in the CHAMOLI district of VAAN area .LATU DEVTA is also known as religion brother of NANDA DEVI .There is a belief that NAGARAJA resides with mani in this temple & there priest do worship of NAGARAJA with blindfold because the eyesight can go with the rays of mani .When the doors get open of THE LATU DEVTA MANDIR VISHNU SAHASRANAM & BHAGWATI CHANDIKA recital are organized.

ALI BUGYAL & BEDNI BUGYAL are two of the most famous BUGYAL of our country. For tourist & visitors best time to visit in summer, when lush greenery in the meadows & wildflower are growing and also in past– monsoon , when clouds are washed away , the skies are clean that visitors can see best view of mountains ALI BUGYAL is also known as the “ HEAVEN TERRACE”. ALI BUGYAL & BEDNI BUGYAL are the best places for camping & trekking.

ROOPKUND is high altitude Glacier Lake in the UTTARAKHAND, It lies in the lap of trekking path to ROOPKUND passing near BEDNI BUGYAL It is moderate to difficult level of trek, Quit long trek with view of mountains, valley, clouds, windy spaces, grasslands & abundant snow.

One should be trek ready with all essentials especially dry ration, water & good trekking shoes. ROOPKUND is also known as a ‘MYSTERY LAKE’ or ‘SKELETON LAKE’ because hundreds of skeletons found at the edge of this lake. Skeleton are visible when the ice melts.

13 Nov 2020
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Dehradun Tour

Dehradun is a capital of the Indian state of UTTARAKHAND. Dehradun is a smart city all over surrounded by the mountains & hills. There are numerous picnic spots for visitors & tourists. Dehradun is also famous for the studies, schools, colleges & universities like

  • Uttarakhand Technical University
  • University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES)
  • Doon Business School (DBS)
  • BFIT Group of Institute
  • Graphic Era University (GEU)
  • Dev Bhoomi Institute of Technology (DBIT)
  • Kempty Falls
  • Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium
  • Shikhar Fall
  • Laxman Siddh Temple


There are various sightseeing option in and around Dehradun which are regularly visited by the visitors & tourist. You can explore the Dehradun make your weakened joyful.

FOREST RESEARCH INSTITUTE (FRI)-: FOREST RESEARCH INSTITUTE is most visited place & popular in Dehradun. Visitors & tourists used to come and visit FRI which is basically an architectural building & have vast collection of forestry related items in its six museum. It is premier institute in the field of forest research in India. Shooting of movie also held in the campus of FRI which made this place more attractive for the visitors.

ROBBERS CAVE-: ROBBERS CAVE is also known as GUCHHU PANI. It was believed that ROBBERS use to take hide in GUCHHU PANI after robbery that why it is famous as ROBBERS CAVE. It is basically a long cave where water flows. ROBBERS CAVE is picnic spots for the visitors. When the flow of water is high there is no entry allowed basically in rainy times other time entry is open for all the visitors.

SAHASTRADHARA-: SAHASTRADHARA is like flowing Water River which is divided into the collection of water pools. Small shops & restaurant are available there where u can have food & enjoy the water, also some shopping stuffs & changing rooms that visitors can change their dress after having bath in water SAHASTRADHARA also has an ROPEWAY providing an AIRY RIDE to the mountain top. There is a water park named JOYLAND WATERPARK that is manmade WATER AMUSMENT PARK which also attracts visitors.

BUDDHA TEMPLE-: BUDDHA TEMPLE is a peaceful & holy school of TIBETAN RELIGION. BUDDHA TEMPLE noted for it’s MONUMENTAL, ART-FILLED STUPA & STATUE OF THE BUDDHA. There are shops available which might be bit expensive, you can buy stuffs like DECORATIVE ART PIECE.

DEHRADUN ZOO (MALSI DEAR PARK)-: MALSI DEAR PARK one of the most popular destination for tourists & visitors. There is entry fee for Adults 20 Rs & Kids 10 Rs. It is a home to several wildlife species. There is a parking space provided where tourists can park their vehicle, garden to take rest, Swings fir kids, Canteen also available for the visitors.

CLOCK TOWER DEHRADUN -: CLOCK TOWER is the main attraction of Dehradun city for tourists CLOCK TOWER is also known as GHANTA GHAR. Where tourists & visitors can go for their shopping. GHANTA GHAR is a biggest market place in Dehradun where you can buy all type of clothing stuffs, home décor, restaurants everything. CLOCK TOWER is a main market of Dehradun & usually crowded area.

FUN VALLEY-: FUN VALLEY is an amazing AMUSMENT PARK near Dehradun. Inside there is WATER PARKS, POOLS, DIFFERENT TYPES OF RIDES, FOOD COURT, RESORTS are available. There is an entry charge which might be Rs 700. FUN VALLEY  is crowded on weakened.

KHALANGA WAR MEMORIAL-: KHALANGA WAR MEMORIAL is very quiet & pleasant place & also a famous tourist place .Road of KHALANGA is both side covered with trees, KHALANGA WAR MEMORIAL is a heritage monument dedicated to the memory of Gorkha soldier who fought the British in the battle of Nalapani in 1814 view from the top of the KHALANGA is very beautiful, clam & amazing.

06 Nov 2020

Tour of Pithoragarh

In the Indian state of UTTARAKHAND towards the easternmost part of the HIMALAYAS located a small beautiful city called Pithoragarh. Pithoragarh is also known as a  Little Kashmir.

There are large numbers of waterfall, temples, forts & other historical sites. Pithoragarh district containing extreme border area with its headquarters. The district is administratively divided into six tehsil –

  • Munsiyari
  • Dharchula
  • Didihal
  • Berinag
  • Gangolihat
  • Pithoragarh

Munsiyari-: Munsiyari is the name of sub division head quarters. Munsiyari is a hill station surrounded by snow -clad peaks, lush greenery & thickly wooded forest India’s northern state of UTTARAKHAND. Some sightseeing places in Munsiyari are

  • Tribal Heritage Museum
  • Tharmi Kund
  • Nanda Devi Temple
  • Betuli Dhar
  • Messar Kund
  • Kalamuni Khaliya Top

Dharchula -: Dharchula is a small town & a Nagar Panchayat in Pithoragarh district, it is surrounded by HIMALAYAS PEAKS. Main attraction of Dharchula  which visitors & tourists come to visit are:

  • Jauljibi
  • Om Parvat
  • Kali River
  • Askot Musk Deer Sanctuary
  • Narayan Ashram
  • Chirkila Dam
  • Adi Kailash

Didihat-: Didihal is a town & a Nagar Palika in Pithoragarh district in UTTARAKHAND. It is situated on the Pilgrimage route to Kailash Mansarovar. Visitors can do some activities like- hiking, camping, village tourism. Didihal is a small helmet with limited facilities .Didihal there exists an ancient temple of Shirakot dedicated to Lord Malay & it presents a beautiful sight.

Berinag – Berinag is a hill station & there are not many sightseeing where tourist can visit, Berinag is known for Snake Temple that are scattered all over the region. There is Nag Devta Temple & Chineshwar Waterfall where tourists can visit.

Gangolihat -: Gangolihat is a small HIMALAYAS hill town in the Pithoragarh district of UTTARAKHAND . It is popular for its  Shakti Peeth of ‘Haat Kalika ‘ dedicated Goddess Kali There are many beautiful underground caves in Gangolihat, Patal Bhuvaneshwar, Shaileshwar Gufa & Mukteshwar Gufa are most notable ones.


Pithoragarh Fort (Gorkha Killa)- Pithoragarh Fort is a small fort constructed by the Gorkhas in the year of 1789 , yet it provide a wonderful view of the Pithoragarh town from high above the hill top.

Kapileshwar Mahadev Temple -: Kapileshwar Mahadev Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva is situated about 10 meter inside a dark cave located near Takaura & Takari Village of Pithoragarh.

Dhwaj Temple -: Dhwaj Temple is a very beautiful place in Pithoragarh for religious people surrounded by a view Majestic Himalayas. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva & Maa Jayanti located at the peak of a mountain.

02 Nov 2020


  • THE TEHRI LAKE DAM is one of the tallest dam  in the world .THE TEHRI DAM is multi purposed rock & earth fill embankment  on the BHAGIRATHI RIVER  near Tehri in Uttarakhand , which used for Electricity generation , irrigation & drinking water etc.
  • THE TEHRI DAM depth is 740 meters which rises to 825 meters during rainy season & it is situated at 2,500 Ft above sea level.
  • Under the depth of THE TEHRI  LAKE history of TEHRI has been napoo. RAJ MAHALS, SHRI DAV SUMAN MEMORIAL, GANDHI MEMORILA & many more ancient & religious places has been downed and lost under THE TEHRI DAM . Hundred’s of family in TEHRI who used to live there , they have to leave there places & they shifted near by the area or any other place . Local says- whenever water level goes down THE TOURISM DEPARTMENT should kept boat that the visitors can able to experience close by  the history of OLD TEHRI .
  • Now THE TEHRI DAM  is the main attraction for the tourists & visitors . If you want to see the OLD SUBMERGED CITY  then, you can go for SCUBA DIVING  , very few places in INDIA  where you can go for SCUBA DIVING & TEHRI is one of them .
  • For home stay, there are many hotels & resorts near THE TEHRI DAM like- TEHRI LAKE RESORT, GANGA VIEW RESORT, TEHRI CLUB RESORT, HIMALAYAN ECO LODGE & many more.
  • Tourists & visitors used to come TEHRI LAKE /TEHRI DAM to capture the view of that place , making photography, shoots & know about THE HISTORY OF OLD TEHRI .


SURKUNDA DEVI TEMPLE-:SURKUNDA DEVI TEMPLE is on top of a hill in the DHANAULTI district of UTTARAKHAND. A walkway has been constructed from the bottom of the hill till the temple for devotees. It take approximately 40-50 min to clime & for old generation much more to clime up till the temple. SURKUNDA DEVI TEMPLE is a beautiful temple with a calming vibes & one of the underrated holy places. THE MAJESTIC HIMADRI MOUNTAINS RANGES can be clearly seen from the top .

CHAMBA-:CHAMBA is a town & a hill station in THE TEHRI GARHWAL surrounded by the pine forest. You can explore ,relax & enjoy the town life away from the city daily routine work.

THE CHANDRABADANI TEMPLE -:THE CHANDRABADANI TEMPLE is a temple of SHAKTI PITHS & HOLY SHRINES of  GODDESS SATI. THE CHANDRABADANI TEMPLE is on the top of the mountains , the tracking path is beautiful  & it feels STAIRWAY TO THE HEAVEN .It is must visit place.

KUNJAPURI TEMPLE -:KUNJAPURI TEMPLE is a temple of GODDESS DURGA. It is a most visited place of  THE TEHRI DISTRICT. The view from the top of the mountain is  marvelous & recommended sunrise- you will always remember the sunrise from here for lifelong.