• THE TEHRI LAKE DAM is one of the tallest dam  in the world .THE TEHRI DAM is multi purposed rock & earth fill embankment  on the BHAGIRATHI RIVER  near Tehri in Uttarakhand , which used for Electricity generation , irrigation & drinking water etc.
  • THE TEHRI DAM depth is 740 meters which rises to 825 meters during rainy season & it is situated at 2,500 Ft above sea level.
  • Under the depth of THE TEHRI  LAKE history of TEHRI has been napoo. RAJ MAHALS, SHRI DAV SUMAN MEMORIAL, GANDHI MEMORILA & many more ancient & religious places has been downed and lost under THE TEHRI DAM . Hundred’s of family in TEHRI who used to live there , they have to leave there places & they shifted near by the area or any other place . Local says- whenever water level goes down THE TOURISM DEPARTMENT should kept boat that the visitors can able to experience close by  the history of OLD TEHRI .
  • Now THE TEHRI DAM  is the main attraction for the tourists & visitors . If you want to see the OLD SUBMERGED CITY  then, you can go for SCUBA DIVING  , very few places in INDIA  where you can go for SCUBA DIVING & TEHRI is one of them .
  • For home stay, there are many hotels & resorts near THE TEHRI DAM like- TEHRI LAKE RESORT, GANGA VIEW RESORT, TEHRI CLUB RESORT, HIMALAYAN ECO LODGE & many more.
  • Tourists & visitors used to come TEHRI LAKE /TEHRI DAM to capture the view of that place , making photography, shoots & know about THE HISTORY OF OLD TEHRI .


SURKUNDA DEVI TEMPLE-:SURKUNDA DEVI TEMPLE is on top of a hill in the DHANAULTI district of UTTARAKHAND. A walkway has been constructed from the bottom of the hill till the temple for devotees. It take approximately 40-50 min to clime & for old generation much more to clime up till the temple. SURKUNDA DEVI TEMPLE is a beautiful temple with a calming vibes & one of the underrated holy places. THE MAJESTIC HIMADRI MOUNTAINS RANGES can be clearly seen from the top .

CHAMBA-:CHAMBA is a town & a hill station in THE TEHRI GARHWAL surrounded by the pine forest. You can explore ,relax & enjoy the town life away from the city daily routine work.

THE CHANDRABADANI TEMPLE -:THE CHANDRABADANI TEMPLE is a temple of SHAKTI PITHS & HOLY SHRINES of  GODDESS SATI. THE CHANDRABADANI TEMPLE is on the top of the mountains , the tracking path is beautiful  & it feels STAIRWAY TO THE HEAVEN .It is must visit place.

KUNJAPURI TEMPLE -:KUNJAPURI TEMPLE is a temple of GODDESS DURGA. It is a most visited place of  THE TEHRI DISTRICT. The view from the top of the mountain is  marvelous & recommended sunrise- you will always remember the sunrise from here for lifelong.