Rishikesh is also known as the “Yoga Capital of the World”. The name is Hrishikesh, it is famous for ancient temples and for adventurous sports. It is very popular place to visit there are many adventurous sports such as.

River rafting: rafting sports is one of the most popular sport in Rishikesh this sports includes the various levels and the matches with teams.

Bungee jumping: it is the best sports in Rishikesh the sport is played with safe equipments and has a height levels.

Flying fox: it is very favorable sport in Rishikesh player has to climb from top to bottom with the rope which is about 1km long.

Hot air ballooning: You can enjoy the the hot balloon ride in the Rishikesh, the ride is about 10 minutes average.

Paragliding: it is very popular adventurous sport the average timing is about 15 minutes the sport is played under trainer.

E-bike: it is very good sport in Rishikesh. People do cycling and they covered whole Rishikesh on electronic cycles.  

Kayaking: Kayaking is the most adventurous sport in Rishikesh it is one on one boating and has levels in it.