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06 Oct 2020

Tour of Chopta Tungnath & Chandrashila Trek

When you plan to do a journey the most important part of it is travelling. When we talk about travelling or a tour first thing click on our mind is comfort and safety.

It better to hire a cab or a taxi for a tour rather than changing the transportation for a tour. Due to pandemic period (COVID 19) buses and other transportation services are not even safe for travelling and if you hire a cab that will be great, well Hygiene, Sanitized & Safe.

Chopta Tungnath & Chandrashila Trek is almost 3 days tour. Chopta Tungnath & Chandrashila is the must visit destination for nature lover, camping & for trekking which is surrounded by evergreen forest.

Road Route to Reach Chopta


It would take approximate 7 hours to reach your destination Chopta has a very cool & pleasant climate from March to May, after monsoon season starts July to end of October & snowfall in the month of November to March.

Where to Stay Chopta

There are many simple guest house, home stay & camping resorts on the road side which will be affordable or you can also stay in tents near Chopta if you want the camping experience.

Chopta to Tungnath

Then Chopta to Tungnath is the shortest route only 5 km (3.1mi) Tungnath is the highest Shiva Temple in the world considered to be more than 1000 years old & one among The Panch Kedar Shrines. Tungnath temple opens its doors to pilgrims in the summer around the end of the April & shuts down in the November in winter.

The Tungnath Temple to Chandrashila

Path to Tungnath to Chandrashila peak is approximate 1.5 km. There is a small temple at Chandrashila and from top one an Savior grand 360 degree panoramic view of the Kumaon & Garhwal ranges and behind the temple there is snowy mountain peaks. Name of peaks that can be seen from CANDRASHILA top are NANDA DEVI, TRISHL, CHAUKHMBA, NANDAGHUNTI & THALAYSAGAR and few more.

And must watch the view of sunrise in Chandrashila.

26 Sep 2020
Char Dham Yatra

उत्तराखंड चार धाम यात्रा

भारत के उत्तर पूर्व में स्थित उत्तराखंड भारत का 27वां राज्य है। यूँ तो उत्तराखंड का कोना कोना प्राकृतिक सुंदरता से भरा हुआ है यहां का हर स्थान अपने अलौकिक सौंदर्य के कारण विश्व भर में विख्यात है। इसी कारण साल भर यहां पर्यटकों का मेला लगा रहता है । जिसमे सबसे ज्यादा इंतज़ार रहता है लोगों को चार धाम यात्रा के शुरू होने का। उत्तराखंड की चार धाम यात्रा में शामिल हैं केदारनाथ, बद्रीनाथ, गंगोत्री और यमनोत्री दर्शन। चार धाम यात्रा भारत की सबसे लोकप्रिय आध्यात्मिक यात्राओं में से एक है। हर साल मंदिर के द्वार खुलते ही देश विदेश से लाखों श्रद्धालु यहां दर्शनों के लिए आते हैं। और यह सिलसिला छह महीनो तक निरंतर ऐसे ही चलता रहता है।
चार धाम यात्रा शुरू होते ही उत्तराखंड के पहाड़, घाटी, वादियां जैसे जीवंत हो उठते हैं। जैसे वे भी चार धाम यात्रा पर आने वाले यात्रियों का पलकें बिछाये इंतज़ार कर रहे हों।
2020 में कोविड 19 की वजह से चार धाम यात्रा काफी देरी से शुरू हुई जिससे यहां के निवासियों और दूर दूर से आने वाले श्रद्धालुओं को काफी निराशा हुई लेकिन देर से ही सही आखिर चार धाम यात्रा शुरू हुई और धीरे धीरे उत्तराखंड की वादियों में पर्यटकों की भीड़ फिर से दिखाई देने लगी है।
कोविड 19 अनलॉक 4 के नये नियमो के अंतर्गत उत्तराखंड सरकार ने चार धाम यात्रा और उत्तराखंड घूमने आने वाले यात्रियों को काफी राहत प्रदान की है जिसमे –
* अब उत्तराखंड आने के लिए कोविड 19 टेस्ट की नेगिटिव रिपोर्ट की कोई आवश्यकता नहीं है।
* स्मार्ट सिटी देहरादून की साइड पर रजिस्ट्रेशन करके अब उत्तराखंड में कहीं भी घुमा जा सकता है।
* होटल में 7 दिनों तक रुकने की अनिवार्य शर्त को भी अब समाप्त कर  दिया गया  है।
* सुरक्षा के लिए शारीरिक दुरी बनाये रखना और मास्क लगाए रखना अभी भी आवश्यक है मास्क नहीं होने पर फाइन लगाया जायगा

25 Sep 2020
taxi service from dehradun to delhi

Rishikesh – The Yoga Capital of World

Rishikesh is also known as the “Yoga Capital of the World”. The name is Hrishikesh, it is famous for ancient temples and for adventurous sports. It is very popular place to visit there are many adventurous sports such as.

River rafting: rafting sports is one of the most popular sport in Rishikesh this sports includes the various levels and the matches with teams.

Bungee jumping: it is the best sports in Rishikesh the sport is played with safe equipments and has a height levels.

Flying fox: it is very favorable sport in Rishikesh player has to climb from top to bottom with the rope which is about 1km long.

Hot air ballooning: You can enjoy the the hot balloon ride in the Rishikesh, the ride is about 10 minutes average.

Paragliding: it is very popular adventurous sport the average timing is about 15 minutes the sport is played under trainer.

E-bike: it is very good sport in Rishikesh. People do cycling and they covered whole Rishikesh on electronic cycles.  

Kayaking: Kayaking is the most adventurous sport in Rishikesh it is one on one boating and has levels in it.

25 Sep 2020

Nainital – A place to visit in lifetime

Nainital is beautiful and charming hill station in Uttrakhand it is also known as city of lakes. There are seven lakes in Nainital which are Bhimtal, Sattal, Naukuchiatal, Khurpatal, Malwatal, Harishtal and Lokhamtal. The most favorite activity for tourists is boating and trekking. People do boating in Nani Lake. Moreover, there are many places to visit in Nainital such as.

Naini Lake: Naini Lake is one of the most beautiful attractions in the city which is situated in the middle of the city where tourists can do boating.

Naina Peak: Naina peak is one of the highest peaks in Nainital which is also known as the name of cheena or china peak. It is very beautiful place and also famous for photo shoots.

Nainital Mall Road: Nainital Mall Road is very beautiful place to visit side by side Naini lake runs and it is famous for the shopping and food.

G.B. Pant High Altitude Zoo: Nainital Zoo is the very popular zoo the zoo has many endangered species such as Royal Bengal Tiger, Himalayan Civet, Himalayan Bear, Hill Patridge, Tibetan Wolf and Barking Deer.

 Tibetan Market: The market is very famous in Nainital people do shopping with their family. However, the market is famous for warm clothes which is handmade such as includes Muffler shawl, sweaters, hats and Himalayan bags.

 Tiffin Top: It is one of the most popular picnic spot in Nainital it is the place where people can enjoy the beautiful mountain views. It is also known as the name of Dorothy’s Seat.

 Snow View Point: It is very famous view point in Nainital people can visit with their car and with the cable rope also voyagers can enjoy the beautiful scenes of mountains.



25 Sep 2020
Places in Mussoorie

7 Places in Mussoorie that will mesmerize you

Mussoorie which is also known as the queen of hills and far nearly about 290 Km from New Delhi. It is one of the most popular places for leisure activities and for enjoyment. Mussoorie is famous for their spectacular views which make this city more beautiful city.

There is some famous places to visit.

Gun Hill: Gun Hill a place in Mussoorie which is famous attraction for tourists which is famous for cable car ride. Tourists can enjoy the spectacular views of mountains while riding cable car.

Kempty Fall: Kempty Falls is an another one of the famous place in Musoorie it is very famous water fall where tourists can take a dip in water and enjoy the beautiful scenes. Water falls from 40 feet and it is perfect place of tourists for swimming.

Lal Tibba: Lal Tibba is the highest peak point of the Mussoorie which makes more beautiful attraction for travelers.

Lake Mist: Lake Mist is famous resort in between the beautiful mountains where tourists can enjoy the peaceful time there.

Dhanaulti: The famous green garden where people can enjoy the beautiful scenes of mountains. This attraction is famous for children where kids can enjoy the rides.

Mussoorie Lake: This lake is most favorable attraction of tourists where people can enjoy the boating and can do shopping with you family.

George Everest: The George Everest is the most favorable attraction in Mussoorie. It is the adventurous place for tourists which is famous for trekking.